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Viva Super Centro is one of the biggest hypermarkets in Caracas City.


About Us

Viva Super Centro is one of the biggest hypermarkets in Caracas City. It differentiates itself from its competitors for selling a wide range of
products 60% National and 40% International both Wholesale and
Retail with the most competitive prices of the market.

Our hypermarket arrived to provide a completely different concept of a market, in which people will be able to find anything they need in one place. It won't be a market only for daily common purchases and come and-go experiences, but also a place to spend a good time, living a
experiencia diferente gracias a la excelente atención de nuestro equipo así
different experience thanks to the excellent attention from our team as well as the funny and innovative commercial environment.


To become a recognized national Retail Leader for all of our customers as the hypermarket with the best shopping experience of the all -in -one -place markets with both diversity in the
stock and competitiveness in the prices.


To Satisfy our client's needs with a variety of products, excelling services, and innovative environments.

Our values

Service Innovation Respect Loyalty Collaboration Passion

1st Floor

Our comfortable and modern facilities consist of 2 floors: On the
1st floor, people will get across corridors of food and beverages, a pharmacy, a toy store, a space for personal care essentials, groceries, a butcher shop, some delicatessen, and so on as the people can also enjoy a time inside the bakery for a coffee break as well.

2nd Floor

The 2nd floor is oriented to wholesale shoppers interested in
purchasing with the top prices of the market. These shopper will
find also selling areas for Electronics, Home products, Hardware
store products, Clothing and Shoes, and many others.
Currently, Viva Super Centro is located in La California, Avenida
Francisco de Miranda next to the Centro Seguros La Paz. Its wide
and modern facilities and excellent location will make this
hypermarket become the favorite place for all the citizens of
Caracas to go shopping.

About Us

We are a network of convenience stores with agile and dynamic business formats in sales spots sizing between 180m2 and 250m2, designed to meet the needs of our customers as much as to seize their impulsive purchases. Currently, we have 3 stores allocated in Altamira, Los Ruices, and Plaza Venezuela with more than 1,500 SKU. We are also proximately opening about 2 new stores by the end of 2023.


We have about 440m2 of sales spots in 3 different locations within La Gran Caracas, a team with 40 collaborators, and 1,500 SKU in several categories.

We bet on Venezuela, believing in our people, and creating opportunities for customers and allies.

Center for Business and Talent Development:

We focus on nurturing the development of human talent, innovation, and research for new business projects. We plan to promote an intrapreneur culture for all our team members to develop their skills as for those of our collaborators by the creation of new products and services, and the incubation and acceleration of business ideas with many internal and outside financial support options to make them come true

Social Responsibility Program:

Viva Emprende

The purpose of this program is the development of Venezuelan entrepreneur through selection, training and inclusion on the sales floor of Viva Supercentro, in alliance with the Civil Association Aprendo y Emprendo, together with the Yes Campus training platform.

The program supports the sustainability of the entrepreneur, providing them with the business tools to grow and facilitate to entry into the commercial channel, supporting and guiding them.

Commercial Allies

Geomarketing for Retail

Mapping of locations for next 50 stores

in Caracas.

Business Data Analitics

Business Intelligence to differentiate products and services for our clients

Producers and Manufacturers

Platform for Integration of producers and clients

Carriers for Distribution

Business allies for distribution and delivery